Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Running and rest

I started a run streak because I was looking for something different to do while I was in between resting and getting ready for another training cycle towards a an aggressive 2011 race schedule. I was two weeks removed from a great 50k run in the middle of September (Youngstown 50k) and ran a leisurely 10k for fun two weeks after that run. I've been intrigued with the run streak idea for awhile, and so I did some reading.

After the 10k, I decided to start the streak. A few miles here, a few miles there, a mile there, and here, and the streak was rolling, and rolling strong. I felt obligated to run every day. I felt great that I could run everyday. BUT, lurking still was a sore toe from something on the trail from the 50k and some sore ankles. My ankles are quite flexible. While other people might stop running from twisting or turning their ankles, mine, well they seem to twist and turn and keep going. I believe most people who run ultra trail events are accustom to this and and you become immune to it over time.

However, my left ankle seems to have twisted a few extra times, and its been bugging me. I was hoping it would go away. I figured the running would help, since I'm able to run through some pain. So I continued to run, hoping that it would go away.

Ten days of running - yes, my left ankle still was hurting. Twenty days of running, yes, I was still running everyday, but yes, my ankle was still hurting. Thirty days of running, yes, ankle still hurting. Not a good sign for my ankle.

At this point, I was scraping by day by day, mile by mile, sometimes 3 miles, but no real great runs. Day 40 came...and no run...I just decided to rest because my body told me to rest.

I feel accomplished that I was able to run 39 days straight, but, I am not sure its all that good for you, even just a mile a day, being injured (or not) or having some discomfort like I was having. REST is important, and I believe the run streak taught me that lesson.

Since I stopped the run streak, I've only run one time and I plan to rest a little longer (until this weekend) and then I will most likely resume a schedule that includes 5 days of running and 2 days of cross training, with some rest days mixed in here and there.


  1. Yep, we both learned.... it's tough.

  2. Diane - tough, absolutely, but I would not do anything differently. I wouldn't have found out without trying.